Resources Available on Organizations

10th Mountain Division

Article & photograph in "The Irregular" March 8, 1977 about reunion at Mount Cranmore in North Conway Article

Script of tape interviews with Arthur Doucette Document

"Tales of the 10th: The Mountain Troops and American Skiing" by Jeffrey R. Leich , published by the New Book

England Ski Museum in 2003.

Appalachian Mountain Club

Snow Shoe Manual - 1915 Book

AMC Celebration dinner menu at Iron Mountain House - Washington's Birthday 1912 Document

Conservation Commission

Responses to Commission questionnaire on Inventory of Town's Natural Resources, Problems, Solutions, etc. Document

- June 1972

Commission newsletters for 1973, 1975, 1977 & 1979

Summary of results of "Conservation Survey" - July 20, 1972 Document

"Reminiscences of Jackson 1900 - 1950" as published from interviews by Jackson Grammar School students Book

Draft of interviews conducted in 1974 by 5th & 6th graders from Jackson Grammar School of elderly residents Document

to record their memories of "old" Jackson

Free-Will Baptist Church

Copy of Minutes of Church Meetings from 1804 to 1844. Also early baptismal records. Book

Card showing Elder Benjamin Randall, founder of Free Will Baptist Denomination and Boody House in New Post Card

Durham, N.H. where first seven members signed covenant in 1780.

Free-Will baptist Register for the year 1857. The first church in Jackson was established in 1803 at the Book

"Triangle Site" and then moved to the present location of the Jackson Community Church when that building

was built by the Protestant Chapel Associa

Hampshire Imports, Inc.

Brochure for 1957-1958 describing ski boots and other equipment imported by Hampshire Imports. Company Brochure

owned by Richard May.

Jackson Community

The Jackson Community Association, originally known as the Bertha Rogers Fund, funds scholarships for first Document

year college expenses for deserving Jackson students. They also supply classroom books and other

supplies to the Jackson Grammar School. The Ber

Article in Conway Daily Sun September 25, 2002 reporting on JCA and Jackson Historical Society as joint Article

sponsors to send Dexter Harding, Jackson school teacher, to history conferende in Saratoga Springs, New

Jackson Historical Society

Report on Donald Graves receiving the award of "Poet Laureate of the Jackson Historical Society" at the Article

second annual poetry night on decmber 4, 2002.

Minutes of First Annual Meeting on May 3, 1978 and Second in May 1979 of Jackson Historical Society. Janet Document

Green was first President, then Cynthia Welch followed bt Ray Steen.
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