White Mountain Art, Continuing Sale

Erik Koeppel

Jackson Falls in Autumn $2,400.00

Oil on panel; 10" x 8" image

Mount Washington Among the Clouds $9,500.00

Oil on canvas; 24" x 36" image

This painting was commissioned in 2016 by the Historical Society as its "signature painting" of our

museum. It is painted from the end of Upper Alpine Drive off Tin Mine Road in Jackson. It shows Mts

Monroe, Washington and Adams, with Huntington Ravine. Spruce and Eagle Mountains are in the


Mt. Osceola from Greeley Pond $3,600.00

Oil on panel; 8" x 16" image

Blazer Buttons

8 Classic Cloisonne Blazer Buttons $200.00

Cloisonne image

50 year celebration blazer buttons. The red, blue and gold buttons say "Jackson Skiing Legends NH",

have the dates 1936 and 1986, and ECCS. They are in a black velvet case.
Marty Sage Gilman

Pink Cosmos, Novermber Blush $150.00

Signed print; 13" x 16" image

Bringing Home the Tree $150.00

Signed print; 11" x 15.5"; image
Kathy Speight Kraynak

Pitman Barn, Black Mountain Road, Jackson $200.00

Watercolor; 11" x 15" image

Signed lower right.
Barbara McEvoy

Airline Trail on Madison $150.00

Pastel; 8" x 10" image

Lion's Head $150.00

Pastel; 9" x 12" image

From Carter-Moriah Ridge Looking Down on Jackson $150.00

Pastel; 8" x 11" image
Myke Morton 1941 - 2008

Jackson Covered Bridge in Winter $150.00

Signed print; 10" x 15.5"; image

Frozen river in winter $150.00

Signed print; 10" x 12"' image
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