White Mountain Paintings Available for Purchase

Samuel W. Griggs, attrib

***Goodrich Falls, Bartlett, NH, with Fisherman - ON SALE AT $2,000 $4,500.00

Oil on canvas; 26" x 36" image

Unsigned; old postcard picturing building on top of falls.

William Henry Hilliard

***Lady of the Forest - ON SALE AT $1,650 $1,750.00

Oil on canvas; 24" x 16" image

The "Lady" is an old birch tree. Hilliard's initials are carved into the tree.

Charles Wilson Knapp

***Saco River and Conway Meadows - ON SALE AT $3,600 - SOLD $3,650.00

Oil on canvas; 18" x 28"; image

Original frame; Saco River ID on reverse. Painting not at JHS. Price significantly reduced from 2019 sale.

George McConnell

***Mt Washington over the Saco River - ON SALE AT $900 $1,250.00

Oil on board; 11" x 20" image

Signed lower right "Geo McConnell"

Mt. Washington and the Saco River - SOLD $4,500.00

Oil on canvas; 22" x 38" image

Signed lower right and dated 1922. Title inscribed on verso.

*** Birch Trees along a Stream - ON SALE AT $900 $1,250.00

Oil on board; 12" x 18" image

Signed and dated 1907.

Robert Emmett Owen

***New Hampshire Scene - ON SALE AT $2,700 $2,900.00

Oil on canvas; 12" x 16" image

Signed; Vose provenance; "New Hampshire" written on back.

John Pope

The Meadows - SOLD $1,000.00

Oil on canvas; 14" x 24" image

Pemigiwasset Valley, probably from Campton.

William T Robinson

***Gibbs Falls, White Mountains - ON SALE AT $4,150 $4,400.00

Oil on canvas; 18" x 24" image

Signed lower right, dated 1882.
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