Resources on Privately Owned Buildings

Early Homes

Photographs of Shannon Door, Brook Bank and Dolloffs Barn Photograph

Series of maps and descriptions of early homes Document

Write-up of "Early Homes on the Five Mile Circuit" exhibit at Jackson Historical Society - 1998 Article

History of the Sutton House by Alice Pepper Article

Photographs of Hayes Farm, Fernald (now Peppers), Rufus Pinkham, Grandfather Meserve's Cider mill Photograph

Article in "Valley Fun" - April, 1999 on Wigglesworth House located on Thorn Hill Road Article

Photograph of the Panno Place located on Cross Road in Dundee - burned in 1937 Photograph

Photograph of "The Boulders" the Oliver Ditson house which was located on Valley Cross Road. A large Photograph

stylish house which was destroyed by fire. Seven additional photographs - Water Tower; dining room; views

Photograph of "High Winds" home of Arthur & Isabel Gale on Carter Notch Road Photograph

2 photographs of the "New Parsonage" on Carter Notch Road built in 1905 or 1906. One taken 1n 1917 shows Photograph

building where present upper drive is located that was used as a transfer kitchen by Wentworth Hall when

serving meals on dining areas built over Ja

2 photographs of the Burgess house - 1 very early when known as the Highland Farm owned by Ephraim Photograph

Meserve; 1 later, but still early. House has been added to.

Report on talk given by Mary Ellen Barnes on historic homes with suggestions to guide Planning Board on Article

master plan for Jackson - June 1982

Fitz Cottage

History of the Fitz Cottage built c1888 and the Fitz family. This large historic home is listed in Bryant Tolles' Document

book "Summer Cottages in the White Mountains".

Pelletier House

House now owned by Ron Pelletier on Route i6 about 100 yards north of Junction of Route 16A. House built Photograph

c.1888 by Henry Hiltz Hefler. Hefler was born in Nova Scotia in 1825 and died in Jackson in 1906. Owner

previous to Pelletier was Ralph Wentworth

Thompson House Eatery

History of the original homestead now part of the Thompson House Eatery restaurant. The house has unique Document

construction details that indicate it may have been built as early as 1790. Also refer to the Society's

publication "The Oldest Houses in Jackson -

Wentworth Birthplace

Photograph of General William C. Wentworth's birthplace - 4 miles north of Jackaon Photograph

Wentworth Castle

Photograph of General Wentworth Photograph

Article in "The Irregular" about castle and Countess de Bninska - September 21, 1988 featuring the Christmas Article

card sent from the Countess to Charlotte Haskell in 1965

2 photographs of interior rooms Article

Photograph of General Wentworth, his wife and wife's father Joshua Trickey in parlor of Castle. Located in Photograph

Offering brochure by Sotheby Parke Bernet for sale of Castle in 1982 at an offering price of $395,000 Brochure
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