Resources on Government in Jackson

Town Annual Reports - 1895 to 2000 (1897 missing) Document

3 tax books - 1950 & 1951 (located in same box as Town Annual Reports) Book

Agreement by Selectmen to allow use of Town Hall for "entertainments". Also list of functions from 1801 to 1919 Document

Photographs of attendees at Jackson Sounding Board Meeting - January 1, 1998. Moved to Jackson Village Photograph

Photographs Code 2910 in Photographs Group.

Excerpt fro 1817 "Gazetteer of State of New Hampshire" with description of Adams (now Jackson) Document

Section on Jackson in "New Hamphire Town Names" book by Elmer Munson Hunt. Includes some information on Article

original land grants, and states that Richard Gridley deserves to be among Jackson's "patron saints". Also

information on the changes in name of the

Tax Assessments - 1896 Book

History of Jackson by C.E. Meserve in "The Idler" July 20, 1880 Article

Deeds for sale of land from Trickey Brothers to Town of Jackson; February 12, 1940 & deed for re-sale of same Deed

land to previous owners; August 9, 1945

Tax Assessments for 1813 - Jackson was still called Adams on this date lk lkj asdlk laskdf jl asl'kd flaskdf a sdl Document

jlksdf l lasjdfl a'sdlf jalksd f'asd jf'alsd ' asdjf asd fad' ada' THIS IS A LONG DESCRIPTION lkj jkda lkdj fkla

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Early brochure on places to stay in Jackson Brochure

Article in "The Reporter" - July 9, 1980 0n July 4th celebrations in Jackson. Names of many citizens mentioned - Article

particularly those of children

License for a pool table; June 1, 1895 Document

Annual State Tax Assessment from State of New Hampshire for Jackson for 1885 Document

Copy of section on Jackson in "History of Carroll County" Article

Miscellaneous newspaper articles from 1978, 1992, 1998 Article

Series of newspaper articles in "The Reporter" 1916 about daily events in Jackson. Similar article, 1937 Article

Account of Town Meeting in Yankee Magazine April 1968 Article

2 photographs showing flood in March 1953. Moved to Jackson Village Photographs Code # 2910 in Photographs Photograph

"Jackson Civil War Story" account of hoax concerning draft dodgers. Selectmen's records concerning Civil War Document

recruitment from 1863 to 1866.

Brochures on real estate developments at Tyrol & Mirror Lake Brochure

Warranty Deed from Holland & Betty Whitney for sale of strips of land to the Town of Jackson known as Deed

"Woodpecker Ridge" Road and "Deer Run" Jackson Heights.

Article describing the Heritage Path built in 2005 in front of the Jackson Town Office. This path is dedicated to Article

the completion of the 2004 restoration of the Jackson Covered Bridge, built in 1876. A bronze plaque shows the

family names of the 122 fam

Act by State of NH June 17, 1806 transferring 300 acres from Town of Adams to Bartlett for schools.
Act by

State of NH June 22, 1819 transferring 50 acres owned by William Stilphen near the foot of Thorn Mountain

transferred from Adams to Bartlett.

Act dated December 4, 1800 approved by State of New Hampshire to incorporate certain locations and state Document

lands in Grafto County into a Town by the name of Adams.
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