White Mountain Art, Continuing Sale

Nicolay Tysland Leganger 1832 - c1896

White Lake, Ossipee $5,400.00

Oil on canvas; 19" x 31" image

Signed lower right
George McConnell 1852 - 1929

Mt Washington and the Saco $5,750.00

Oil on panel; 22" x 38" image

Signed lower right;

White Mountains $1,150.00

Oil on panel 17" x 13" image

Signed lower right.

Mt Washington (?) $4,000.00

Oil on canvas; 16" x 26" image
Oakes Scenery

The Banks of the Ammonoosuc - SOLD $300.00

Print 12" x 7" image
E. W. Parkhurst

Humphrey's Ledge $1,150.00

Oil on panel; 9" x 12" image

Signed lower right.
William F. Paskell 1866 - 1951

Mt Washington from Sunset Hill $4,600.00

Oil on canvas; 24" x 36" image

Signed lower left
John White Allen Scott 1815 - 1907

Moat Mountain $5,150.00

Oil on canvas; 12" x 20" image

Old label on verso.
Jane Cutter Shand C. 1900

Old Man of the Mountain $1,200.00

Watercolor; 14" x 9" image

Signed; unique frame with simulated tree bark and branches.
Frank Henry Shapleigh 1842 - 1906

Mt Washington from the Ellis River and Dolloff Farm $12,800.00

Oil on canvas; 14" x 24" image

Signed lower right; bridge off Route 16 near the Hutman's Trail.

Old Kitchen in Bartlett $14,000.00

Oil on canvas; 10" x 17" image

Signed lower left, dated 1883. Shapleigh painted the interior of many kitchens in New England

showing various historical items. This painting is unique in that it features more than 25 objects.

Shapleigh is depicting a fully equipped 19th century kitchen. An illustrated 25-page descriptive

brochure by art historian Robert Cottrell is included.
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